This section contains information on swaps and how to perform them on the Pact platform.

What is a Swap?

Swapping refers to switching one coin or token for another.

How to Swap on Pact

You can perform a swap by following the below steps:
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    Users can go to the Swap page by clicking on the ‘Swap’ tab.
2. To swap ALGO for a different asset, click either 'Search' or 'Select a token'.
3. Enter the specific amount, utilise the percentage slider, or click MAX (your entire balance less minimum ALGO requirements) to determine the amount of ALGO you wish to swap for your desired token. Once all the details are entered, review and click the 'Swap' button.
4. You will then be asked to sign the transaction via your wallet 'pop-up'. Enter your password and approve.
5. You will then receive a notification that your transaction has been confirmed.
Your swapped tokens will appear in your connected wallet!
Reminder: You will always need a nominal amount of ALGO in your wallet to perform any transaction on the Algorand network.

Swap Fees

Apart from the Algorand fixed fees, a user has to pay a swap fee which is 0.01%, 0.05%, 0.3% or 1% depending on available pools. That fee is charged from input or output swap transactions.


You may need to adjust slippage in the settings depending on the size of the swap you're making and the liquidity of the pool.
If you want find out more about slippage and how it might affect you, read more here.
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