Pact is backed and supported by key organisations in the Algorand ecosystem.

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Ecosystem Supporters

Algorand Foundation

Pact is proud to be supported by Algorand Foundation to advance DeFi on the Algorand blockchain, including ALGO rewards programs to incentivise liquidity on the platform.


Pact is proud to partner with Algomint to bring BTC, ETH and stablecoins to Algorand. Algomint provides a bridge to mint a variety of "wrapped" digital assets on the Algorand network.


Pact is proud to partner with Algopulse, the ultimate Algorand resource. Algopulse provides news and updates, ecosystem timelines, project and market stats to the Algopulse community.

Ulam Labs

Pact.Fi is proud to partner with Ulam Labs, a crypto and FinTech software development company that specializes in Python and blockchain technology.


Borderless Capital

Pact is proud to be supported by Borderless Capital, a Blockchain VC firm and a modern financial institution investing capital. Borderless co-builds financial products with its companies to accelerate access, bootstrap adoption, and create value globally through the Algorand Borderless Economy.

Hivemind Capital Partners

Pact is proud to be the first AMM supported by Hivemind. Hivemind Capital Partners is a crypto-focused investment firm dedicated to blockchain technologies, crypto companies and the digital assets ecosystem.

Pact is proud to be supported by leading investors in blockchain technology and digital assets, including:

  • CMS Holdings

  • Orthogonal Trading

  • MXC

  • Daovergence DVG

  • DAO Jones

  • 0xVentures

  • Valhalla Capital

  • Elves Long Term Capital

  • Parea Capital

Community Supporters


Pact is proud to partner with ZestBloom, a web3 media company, to mint and distribute exclusive NFTs to reward select community contributors and participants.


Kudelski Security

Pact is proud to partner with Kudelski Security, an innovative provider of intelligent, tailored cybersecurity solutions to a growing base of global enterprises and public sector institutions.


Pact is proud to partner with ImmuneFi, web3's leading bug bounty platform, protecting $100+ billion in user funds.

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