The Home of Liquidity, Pact is a decentralised Automated Market Maker (AMM) built on the Algorand protocol, offering deep liquidity and low transaction fees.

Our Vision

Pact’s vision is to be the Home of Liquidity on Algorand.
We deliver the seamless integration of financial assets on a non-custodial, decentralized platform.
A world where secure, safe, and reliable DeFi is available to the Algorand ecosystem via our product.

Pact Pillars


All funds are locked in a smart contract which is stored securely on the Algorand blockchain. Pact only has a small degree of admin control over the published contracts, for instance being able to configure and push changes to "Amplifier" within the Stableswap Invariant contracts (which is necessary to ensure healthy pool operation occurs at all times). Additionally, Pact can manage the treasury address on fee-accruing pools.


Transactions are available to users of all levels of wealth and experience.


Smart contracts can’t be altered (aside from small admin features detailed above), meaning there’s minimal risk that the business/product logic of any given contract could be updated to become malicious.


Funds are secured by the Algorand blockchain’s unrivalled pure proof of stake consensus mechanism.


Any user can make swaps, and/or create new pools. There is no authority and no need for a permission model beyond having an Algorand address. The account that added liquidity can add more, or remove funds at any time.
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